Canon Powershot A3000 IS

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Canon Powershot A3000 IS

Post  forumtester on Mon May 07, 2018 10:08 pm

Canon Powershot A3000 IS is one in a long line of image stabilized compacts, in spite of having a relatively sedate magnification of 4x. The 12.1MP CMOS sensor promises plenty, and Easy, Smart Flash and Smart Auto modes means the user has to have little to no experience of photography to get cracking.

Canon Powershot A3000 IS Review- Features

Being such a basic compact in terms of specs it comes as a pleasant surprise to see Canon’s EOS-style mode dial adorning the top panel of the A3000. Because of this all the features are far more visible and available to select quickly. Granted, there isn’t the wealth of manual controls that the likes of a DSLR would provide, but having a few helpful Scene modes and other Auto shooting modes at a finger stretch is incredibly useful. The program mode has a couple of selectable extras, such as white balance and ISO, but in general this is a straightforward, simple shooter. The video mode is limited to 640 x 480, so a fair way off HD, and only the digital zoom is active when recording. The 4x optical zoom, although a little limited, is extremely useful and doesn’t massively affect the focus times and the optical image stabilization does tend to be a touch aggressive but is nonetheless useful.

Canon Powershot A3000 IS Review- Design

The design of the A3000 IS is, much like the rest of the camera, slightly better than it should be for the price range. The metallic frame with black plastic frame looks classy and is impressively slim, making the compact a fair distance away from being a burden. There’s not a great deal of weight to the body either, making it all the more convenient for slipping it into a pocket for a day out. Where the body is impressively compact, the buttons seem to have been forced to make way. Each are well recessed into the camera, making the likes of the D-pad difficult to press at times. Zoom control is relegated to two buttons at the top right of the rear, rather than a rocker switch, making tempering the magnification a far more basic process. The LCD is relatively bright and sharp though, making it difficult to turn out unintentionally poor results.


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