How a teenager can earn some pocket money online

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How a teenager can earn some pocket money online

Post  forumtester on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:31 pm

Most teenagers need to find ways of earning pocket money to support their social life. They can do odd jobs for their family, friends and neighbours. Or work part-time doing a paper round or helping in a restaurant.

It is also possible for teenagers to earn money online, depending on their skills and overall computer knowledge. Below are listed a few ideas:

1.   Start a website or a blog. For example, if you are good with art and graphics you could sell banners, theme layouts, backgrounds, avatars and the ever-popular signatures. If you are under 18 you would need to ask a parent to open a PayPal account on your behalf to accept payments and donations.

There are many examples and resources available on the Internet to give you some inspiration.

2.   You can also earn some pocket money by taking surveys online or reviewing products. Some companies will pay you in the form of a cheque, and others will give you discounts on products or vouchers.

I would recommend that if you are going to do this kind of online work that you open up a new email account specifically for taking the load of emails you will receive from the numerous companies asking you to take their survey or review their products since your personal information will be passed on to other companies. If is far more time-consuming otherwise having to sift through your current personal email account looking for your friends’ emails in the midst of the countless companies’ emails you will receive promoting their products.

3.    If you have a talent for writing you can make money by writing articles for other people. A quick search on Google will bring up many websites where people are specifically wanting – and paying for – skilled writers to write articles for them on a regular basis. This work can all be done at home online, and will bring in enough cash to not only support your social life, but also for you to save up for the latest gadget.

4.   If you have a skill for taking photos and a decent camera you can submit your photos online to companies such as iStockPhoto who will give you a commission each time someone buys your photo from their website.

5.   You can make good money by selling things on eBay and Craigslist. You would need to get your parents permission first, and ask them to open an account on your behalf if you are under 18. This is a good way of also clearing up any clutter you may have lying around the house, or that has been stored in the attic or garage for some time just accumulating dust. When pricing your items make sure you take into account the extra money needed for you to pack and post the items.

6.   If you have quite decent grades at school or college in a particular subject such as mathematics, physics or a foreign language – and have patience – you can work part-time at teaching other children or teenagers to help them improve their grades. This can work online, and there are many people out there requesting help. I would recommend doing a Google search and finding this type of work locally – or as close to your home as possible – because this way you can supplement the help you give online with possibly physical home-to-home work. Your local online newspapers and your local area or town’s online website would be the first place to start looking for teaching jobs.


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