Contact Lenses – Questions and Answers

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Contact Lenses – Questions and Answers

Post  forumtester on Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:43 pm

Can I store contact lenses in tap water?

No. Soft lenses must be stored in a disinfecting solution. Temporary storage in saline is allowed, but the lenses will have to be disinfected prior to the next use. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses can be stored in tap water in an emergency, but will need to be cleaned and conditioned by soaking in an appropriate disinfecting solution prior to use.

Can I lose a lens behind my eye?

No. The conjunctiva, the fine, thin membrane that covers the sclera (white part) and inside of your eyelids is well attached to the side walls of the eye socket. Although you can not lose a lens, it can find its way up and under the upper lid and be pretty hard to locate. A soft lens can roll up and likewise be hard to find. Either way, if you flush your eye with water or saline, the lens should float out. In rare instances, a RGP lens may adhere by suction to the conjunctiva. First apply wetting solution to the lens and wait about a minute. Then try to move the lens while gently pressing on one edge. If that doesn’t work, you can try to very gently lift up under one edge to break the seal. Or go visit your optician. If a contact lens adheres repeatedly, it is not fitted correctly and should be replaced.

How can I tell if I have the lens in the wrong eye?

Alternately cover each eye with your hand. Do not simply squeeze your lids closed. Compare the vision. If one eye is noticeably better or worse, switch them and try again.

How can I tell if a soft lens is inside out?

(1) Place the lens on the tip of your finger facing upward, like a bowl. If when viewed from the side the edges of the bowl flare outward, it’s inside out. (2) Add saline, drop by drop to fill the bowl. If the edges begin to curl inwards, it’s the correct way.

My lens has a small tear in it which bother me. Should I replace it?

Never wear a lens that is obviously damaged, even if it feels okay. It could be causing damage to your eyes that might not be immediately apparent. And never wear a lens which is uncomfortable, causes pain or leaves your vision hazy or distorted.

How do I know when to dispose my disposable lenses?

As a basic rule, never sleep in lenses more than one week, or less, as prescribed by your optician. Dispose of them as recommended. Daily wear users should replace their lenses as recommended by their optician. Wearing your lenses past the recommended replacement interval may result in serious complications affecting your eye health and vision.

What kind of eye drops can I use when my eyes get dry?

You should use products specifically designed for use with the type of lenses you are wearing. Saline solution can be used with any contact lens. The re-wetting drops for RGP lenses are far more effective than saline and special soft lenses lubricating drops also work well. Drink more water to help with increasing your natural tear production. Unless directed to do so by your optician, do not use medicated eye drops as soft lenses may concentrate the drug and alter the effect,

How do I know which is the best solution for my lenses?

Do not mix and match contact lenses products. The chemicals used within any one care system are designed to be compatible. Using alternative products could create chemical reactions which could damage or discolour the lenses, irritate your eyes, or reduce the desired effect of the product.

Be careful to keep your lenses care products clean. Do not touch the tip of the bottles to any surface. If you do, quickly discard the next few drops. Always close the container with the original top immediately after use.


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