How to test if your eggs are still fresh enough to eat

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How to test if your eggs are still fresh enough to eat

Post  forumtester on Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:05 pm

We recently experienced a 40 hour loss of electricity to our house after a thunderstorm. This resulted in me tipping out the contents of our fridge/freezer into a rubbish bag. My son asked me if the eggs were still okay, which I keep housed in the fridge. I replied that I didn’t know but would soon find out.

I googled the question “how do I know if my eggs are still good enough to cook and eat?”. The answer is below:

   Put your egg(s) in a bowl or saucepan with enough water (average temperature) to cover the egg(s) being tested. If the egg(s) sinks and rests horizontally, it is very fresh. If the larger end of the egg(s) starts to rise, your egg is about one to two weeks old. If your egg floats, then it has gone bad.

Thankfully our eggs were fine so I was able to cook an omelette for our light supper.


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