14 Uses for Baby Powder

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14 Uses for Baby Powder

Post  forumtester on Fri May 11, 2018 9:08 pm

1. Detangle jewellery

Sprinkle some baby powder on any knots or tangles, and gently rub between your fingers and thumb to loosen them up. Don’t ever be tempted to throw away or cut even the most tangled of bracelets and necklaces without trying out this little trick. It also works well on tangled shoelaces.

2. Clean greasy recipe books

If your pages are covered in grease, sprinkle them lightly with baby powder and leave to sink in for an hour. Then take a cloth and give the page a good wipe down – they’ll be good as new. This is a handy way to give books a re-fresh before you donate them to the charity shop. You can also use it to de-grease playing cards.

3. Refresh your bed sheets

If your sheets are feeling and smelling a bit sweaty – especially during Summer – don’t rush to put them in the wash. Keep your laundry and electricity bills down by simply giving them a generous dusting of baby powder. Dust before and after you go to bed and it’ll get to work soaking up any moisture. It’ll also leave your sheets smelling fresh.

4. Keep ants away

According to experts, ants aren’t so keen on the texture or scent of most baby powders so just a sprinkle of the stuff should be enough to keep them at bay. If you have kids or are looking for a natural alternative, then this is a cheap and cheerful way to avoid costly chemicals.

5. Keep shoes and feet clean

Sprinkle some baby powder into your shoes and feet every morning and it’ll help soak up an sweat. You can also use it to give your feet a quick refresh during the day. This works really well if you’re not wearing any socks with your shoes by absorbing any moisture and lightly disguising any odours.

6. Clean sandy skin effortlessly

If you’re off to the beach then don’t forget your bottle of baby powder will keep the kids from moaning about sandy feet and toes. Just a small sprinkling of the stuff will quickly and easily remove any irritating grains – do a little shake and they’ll simply fall of your skin.

7. Make deodorant last longer

Once you’ve spray or applied your deodorant, give it a quick pat with baby powder. It provides an extra layer of protection and will help your deodorant work harder to combat perspiration. Instead of re-applying your deodorant during the day, simply top up with baby powder and even in the Summer your skin will feel fresher and less sticky.

8. Quieten creaky floor boards

For a temporary quick (and cheap) fix, apply some baby powder into the cracks of your creaky floor boards. It’ll quieten any creaks by eliminating any friction causing the noise, just use a an old paint brush and brush in a liberal amount of baby powder. Top up when required.

9. Dust flower bulbs to prevent rot

Coat your flower bulbs in baby powder for a cheap and effective way to prevent any rot. It’ll also work as a free repellent to help deter any garden pests that would enjoy a good munch on those bulbs! Take a zip-lock bag and gently shake 3-4 tablespoons of baby powder with the same amount of bulbs.

10. Soak up spillages

If you’ve spilt a drink or your child or pet has an accident on your carpet then baby powder can help remove any liquid and lingering smells. Clean the area as normal then give it a small sprinkling of powder before letting it dry and hoovering up.

11. Remove oil stains from clothing

If you get oil on your clothing, simply sprinkle each side of the material with some baby powder. Lightly rub in with your fingers and leave to soak in then hand wash and air dry – your oil stain will have lifted.

12. Freshen up your pet’s fur

If your pet is smelling a bit whiffy, a quick sprinkle of baby powder and a brush-through will quickly eliminate any smells. It deodorises and de-greases at the same time so make sure you add it into your pet’s grooming routine. Make sure you use talc-free powder though.

13. Use instead of dry shampoo

You can also use baby powder on your own mane! Use it as an alternative to expensive dry shampoo by lightly rubbing in some into your scalp. It soaks up an grease and lightly fragrances your hair. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some powder onto your hairbrush and brush through.

14. Unstick rubber gloves

Before doing the washing up, sprinkle your rubber gloves with some baby powder to de-stick them. They’ll feel smooth as a peach against your skin and your hands will feel super soft after you’re finished.


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Re: 14 Uses for Baby Powder

Post  forumtester on Fri May 11, 2018 9:10 pm

Tried and tested! I shake baby powder all over my living area carpets, leave for 30 minutes and vacuum off. The carpet smells fresh after this. A particularly good idea when needing to remove lingereing pet smells.


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