Switching your voicemail ON/OFF (giffgaff)

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Switching your voicemail ON/OFF (giffgaff)

Post  forumtester on Tue May 08, 2018 1:35 pm

Your voicemail is automatically switched ON when you join giffgaff.

To change your voicemail settings, you need to use a few Network Shortcodes that you simply dial on your mobile and hit the SEND key (they don't cost anything to use).

   Switch voicemail ON: Dial 1616 [SEND]
   Switch voicemail OFF: Dial 1626 [SEND]
   Check the status: Dial *#004# [SEND]

Note: Switching voicemail OFF disables it. This changes the way the network deals with call diverts. When you switch voicemail OFF, it stops all calls going to your voicemail. This covers all call situations which are normally diverted to voicemail (i.e. when you don't answer a call, when you have your phone switched OFF or when you're on another call).

I used this wrote:Alternatively you can use the codes below too
   Switch voicemail ON: Dial *004# [SEND]
   Switch voicemail OFF: Dial #004# [SEND]

 If you're using the code *004# and it says "command error"
   If switching ON, try to switch it OFF with #004# and then back on again with *004#.

   If the above didn't work, then try *61*443# or *61*443*10*30# for no reply after 30 seconds. You could also try:
   *62*443# when unavailable or no signal.
   *67*443# when busy.
   *21*443# to divert all calls immediately to voicemail. Dialing #21# will cancel the command.


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