12 Items You Cannot Sell On eBay

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12 Items You Cannot Sell On eBay

Post  forumtester on Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:33 pm

There are certain items that cannot be sold on eBay. Also, bear in mind that some items are copyright protected and if spotted on eBay may lead to the seller being imprisoned. Below is a list of definite no-no’s.

    Firearms and weapons.
    Alcoholic drinks.
    Cigarettes and cigars.
    Prescription drugs.
    Raffles and prizes, including lottery tickets.
    Animals and wildlife products, including stuffed birds and pelts from endangered species.
    Satellite and cable TV descramblers.
    Mobile phone service contracts.
    Replicas of designer handbags, designer sunglasses and designer clothing.
    CD and DVD copies of music, films and TV shows.
    CD and DVD copies of software and computer games.
    Mailing lists and personal information.

There are other items which are prohibited, or have restrictions imposed upon them. If in doubt as whether an item can be listed on eBay visit their Prohibited and Restricted Items page which gives clear rules as to what can and cannot be sold.


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