Eating Asparagus to Protect your Liver

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Eating Asparagus to Protect your Liver

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Asparagus officinalisEveryday choices such as what to eat for dinner can have an impact on someone with Hepatitis C. Because certain foods can help liver function while others may hinder it, nutritional awareness is a key component of any Hepatitis C health regimen. Specifically, eating asparagus can protect the liver from toxicity.

Increasing the proportion of fruit and vegetables per meal is guaranteed to support your liver’s health. Produce contains fibre and is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that optimise cellular function. For someone with Hepatitis C this translates to helping fortify and protect liver cells from the inflammation and cellular damage of a chronic liver virus.

According to an article published in the Journal of Food Science, “an extract from asparagus may increase the function of enzymes in the liver and boost the metabolism of alcohol.” Researchers from Korea concluded that, “the leaves of A. officinalis, which are normally discarded, have the potential for use in therapy designed to protect the liver from various harmful insults.”

Due to its anti-cancer effects, asparagus has been used for centuries as an herbal medicine in Asia. In addition, asparagus is purported to have the following properties:


Packed with high levels of folate, amino acids, potassium and Vitamins B and C, asparagus officinalis is a common vegetable that is widely consumed worldwide. According to researchers at the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University in Korea, asparagus extract may alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells against toxins.

When NOT to Eat Asparagus
Asparagus contains naturally-occurring substances called purines. Certain individuals who are susceptible to purine-related problems should NOT eat a lot of asparagus. Since purines can be broken down to form uric acid, excess accumulation of purines in the body can lead to excess accumulation of uric acid. Thus, those with ailments due to uric acid build-up should be advised to limit or avoid purine-containing foods such as asparagus. Examples of such ailments include gout and kidney stones.


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