What Worsens Hepatitis C Infection and its symptoms

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What Worsens Hepatitis C Infection and its symptoms

Post  forumtester on Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:06 pm

Severe symptoms are still possible even with a relatively low viral load and liver function tests that have relatively stable levels.  The following are three ways to worsen liver damage from Hepatitis C and exacerbate symptoms:

1.   Drinking Alcohol – any amount of alcohol dramatically magnifies the Hepatitis C virus’s ability to cause liver damage. Alcoholics with chronic Hepatitis C are especially vulnerable to having cirrhosis and advanced liver disease.

2.   Co-Infection With HIV – The risk of developing liver damage is much higher in those co-infected with Hepatitis C and HIV than those only infected with the Hepatitis C virus. People with both viral infections do best with aggressive treatment, close supervision, and guidance by their doctor.

3.   Certain Medications – Many drugs are very harsh on the liver and should not be taken by those with Hepatitis C. Anyone with liver disease must carefully evaluate every medication he or she takes – including over-the-counter drugs – with his or her doctor.


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